Fane Lozman — vanquisher of bureaucrats, pols — now a First Amendment icon

Perpetual South Florida political gadfly Fane Lozman has an odd impact on individuals. When he appeared earlier than the U.S. Supreme Courtroom 5 years in the past, the justices have been so intrigued by his arguments that his houseboat was a home and never a ship that they ended up arguing about whether or not the poor picket puppet-boy Pinocchio was actually a ship whereas he was touring the ocean after being strategically swallowed by a hungry whale. (Definitive ruling: No! Lozman gained, too.) Chief Justice John Roberts later stated Lozman’s lawsuit was “my favourite case from the previous time period.”

Then again, there’s former Riviera Seashore Metropolis Commissioner Elizabeth Wade, who when she was in workplace threatened “to place my foot thus far up his behind that he would assume my toe is his tonsil.” (Although she added that she wasn’t unreasonable about it: “I ain’t going to pay no one to kill him.”)

Wade additionally referred to as Lozman “agitating” and “aggravating,” one among a number of phrases starting with the letter A — together with boastful, antagonistic and one other one which refers back to the enterprise finish of the digestive system — which were employed by numerous metropolis officers round South Florida to explain him through the years.

“Am I an a——?” says Lozman, leaning his six-foot-4 body throughout the desk at a Miami Seashore restaurant close to his house. “Sure, I assume I’m, to deprave public officers. Completely. To different individuals, I don’t assume so. The Supreme Courtroom didn’t appear to assume so.”

The Supreme Courtroom will get a second alternative to supply an opinion subsequent month when it considers one other case introduced by Lozman: a lawsuit alleging that when Riviera Seashore officers had him…

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