Mass shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was reported to FBI over YouTube threat

Nikolas Cruz, the expelled scholar charged with 17 killings at his former faculty, had undergone psychological-well being remedy and should have been reported to the FBI for allegedly posting an internet remark saying he needed “to be knowledgeable faculty shooter.”

Nonetheless, regardless of his alarming conduct through the years, Cruz was capable of buy a .223-caliber rifle from a Broward gun store in February 2017 after immediately clearing a FBI background examine, a regulation-enforcement supply informed the Miami Herald. He had no legal historical past.


“So far as I can inform, this was a clear sale,” the regulation enforcement official advised the Miami Herald, who described the AR-15 rifle as a “civilian model of a army rifle.”

Sarcastically, Cruz couldn’t have purchased a handgun akin to 9mm Glock pistol as a result of the purchaser needs to be at the least 21 years previous underneath U.S. regulation. But, anybody who’s no less than 18 and clears a legal background examine can legally purchase a rifle or shotgun in america.

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