Opinion: Star Wars and drone spies threaten America’s defenses

Star Wars’ latest episode “The Final Jedi” is hitting screens nationwide this week, however much less entertaining is that this season’s newest area weaponry and business drone deployments that more and more threaten America’s nationwide safety.

Kim Jong Un could also be planning to make use of his nuclear and missile know-how to not land an explosion on U.S. soil, however to blast it in space. Such an explosion would set off a excessive-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) that would cripple satellites and blind any nation that depends on orbiting communications for the whole lot from airline navigation to monetary transactions.

A HEMP strike would convey a few “doomsday scenario” and an act of struggle that kills nobody instantly however plunges everybody into the primary levels of a technological darkish age. An October 2017 congressional listening to on this menace brought testimony that a North Korean HEMP assault might “shut down the U.S. electrical energy grid for an indefinite interval, resulting in the dying inside a yr of ninety % of all People.”

Former Home Speaker Newt Gingrich has been ringing this alarm bell for years, however regardless of HEMP hawks’ fears and warnings, the present Republican-led Congress decided to shutter the sixteen-yr previous Fee to Assess the Menace to the USA from Electromagnetic Pulse.

If the HEMP menace seems like a worst-case and excessive act, the Pentagon thinks and prepares for such acts. It’s why the army has a cyber command and does state of affairs planning that lays out battle plans and retaliatory strikes for a state-launched HEMP assault. The simply signed document $700 billion military budget can also be meant to construct defenses towards any North…

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