Teens’ latest craze? Eating laundry pods

If you’re doing laundry, persist with the job.

Depart the detergent pods the place they belong — and out of your mouth. Regardless that they appear tremendous fairly and colourful and somewhat like sweet.

For sure, teenagers lately are ingesting the colourful pacs which are thrown into the wash as an alternative choice to messy powder or liquids.

It probably began as a joke.

Again in March 2017, School Humor posted a video of a faculty scholar ruminating whether or not he ought to eat a laundry pod whereas seeing a bowl of them whereas learning and alone. He Googles whether or not consuming them is protected, calls the poison management middle, obsesses extra, then ultimately pretends to gorge on an entire bowl of blue and orange pods. The final scene within the skit is of the person on a stretcher convulsing with a stained mouth coated by an oxygen masks. The caption: “I don’t remorse it.”

“Memes” quickly began popping up of individuals placing the pods on their cereal or pizza.

On-line customers joke about how “scrumptious” they appear.

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