Weed study: Marijuana use less harmful than alcohol for brain damage

It’s a standard stereotype that individuals who smoke weed are a bit foggy-headed and lacking a couple of mind cells.

However a brand new research from researchers on the College of Colorado Boulder discovered that alcohol is much more damaging to your brain than marijuana. Actually, the research — which was revealed within the journal Habit — means that weed use doesn’t appear to change the construction of an individual’s mind in any respect.

Kent Hutchison, a co-writer of the research, advised Medical Information As we speak that he needed to look at what impact pot has on an individual’s mind as a result of there isn’t a conclusive answer to the question.

“If you take a look at these research going again years, you see that one research will report that marijuana use is said to a discount within the quantity of the hippocampus,” he stated. “The subsequent research then comes round, they usually say that marijuana use is said to modifications within the cerebellum.

“…The purpose is that there isn’t any consistency throughout all of those research when it comes to the precise mind buildings.”

For the research, researchers needed to see the connection between alcohol and marijuana use and the quantity of grey and white matter in an individual’s mind. Each grey and white matter are necessary for a wholesome and functioning mind.

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