Anthony Ray Baca (Photograph: Courtesy)

LAS CRUCES – The purported leader of the Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico gang, Anthony Ray Baca, was sentenced to life in prison and one hundred twenty months for his position within the homicide of a prison inmate and conspiracy to murder two Corrections Division officers.

The sentence handed down by U.S. District Decide James O. Browning on Wednesday included a “weak victims” enhancement as a result of Javier Molina was unable to guard himself when he was stabbed forty three occasions by a number of gang members in his jail cell at the Southern New Mexico Correctional facility simply west of Las Cruces.

Baca, often known as “Pup,” was convicted in March 2018 of ordering the hit on the 34-yr-previous fellow gang member in 2014 as a result of Molina was cooperating with regulation enforcement. He was also convicted of conspiracy to homicide the 2 Corrections Division officials.

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During the sentencing, Molina’s mother told the court, “I’ve waited a long time for this.” Gloria Molina then turned to Baca and said, “I’ll never forgive you.” But she said she would no longer think about him.

“You’re like a bowel movement to me, something to be flushed,” she said.

Before the sentencing, Baca’s attorney Marc Lowry argued his client is already serving a life sentence for a 1989 murder, so the additional life sentence should be concurrent.

“What’s the point of adding life sentence on top of life sentence?” Lowry asked. “He’s not going to make it out of federal prison.”

But Assistant U.S. Attorney Maria Armijo said the life sentences should be consecutive in recognition that a “separate life” had been taken. “This type of act as leader of the gang, he needs to be the example set,” she said.

Baca got a consecutive life sentence for Molina’s murder and 120 months for conspiracy in a failed murder plot to kill two high-level state prison officials, including Corrections Department Secretary Gregg Marcantel. The case led to an FBI crackdown on more than 100 SNM members and associates for violent crimes and racketeering.

Baca’s attorneys are appealing his conviction.

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