Tweet on out-of-state commute for Bay Area family sparks debate on housing, traveling cost…

A view of houses and flats on June thirteen, 2018 in San Francisco, California. (Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Pictures)

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – All it took was one tweet to spark a heated debate on social media about skyrocketing housing costs in the Bay Area and the commutes individuals are prepared to undergo to make it all work. 

Redditor DudeWhoLived posted a screenshot of a tweet from an area journalist during which she shared the plight of her hairdresser’s commute. 

“Bay Space Value Index. TIL (Right now I discovered) my hairdresser and her household determined it made more financial sense for them to purchase a home in Arizona and commute to their jobs on the Peninsula 4 days/week by way of Southwest Airlines,” the tweet read. 

Bay Area Value Index from r/bayarea


Sound loopy? 

Redditors began sharing their very own commuting tales of 3+hour-lengthy commutes to work in the city. 

“I knew someone who drove from Los Banos to Sunnyale and back for work. That is like a 2 and a half hour drive just going a method,” one Redditor commented. That consumer later added “EDIT: It appears that evidently that is truly pretty widespread based mostly off all the replies I’m getting.”

“I did Los Banos to SF for 6 months. 3.5-4 hour commute each approach,” one other individual shared. 

There’s even a term for this kind of one that travels more than ninety minutes every strategy to work. 

They’re referred to as “Tremendous Commuters,” and not surprisingly, the Bay Area is residence to the very best variety of staff who commute at the very least three hours day by day. 

“It is very common for individuals doing anything from menial jobs (cleaning workplaces) to retail or sales to commute all the best way from the Central Valley. Over a decade in the past already I met a man working the automotive dealership in Cupertino who commuted daily from Modesto,” Redditor SpaceJackRabbit stated. 

“This was my dad for 10 years. Modesto to Mountain View and infrequently Cupertino to help out that retailer. He works at a grocery retailer,” one other individual shared. 

Based on knowledge compiled by analysts at House Record, the number of tremendous commuters has elevated by 31.7 % since 2005. 

The Bay Space and surrounding regions lead the nation with more than one hundred twenty,000 individuals commuting at the very least three hours.

Knowledge showed super commuters are most concentrated in metros adjacent to giant job centers.

“I grew up in San Jose. I don’t work a excessive-paying tech job or anything however I still work there. During the last 10 years myself and virtually all of my coworkers around my age bought houses at the very least an hour outdoors the Bay Area as a result of it’s all that we will afford. My commute is 2 hours and that’s not almost as dangerous as some other individuals. I don’t even just like the Bay Area anymore, it’s just the place I’ve to go to earn money,” another Redditor chimed in.

“I work…

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